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Problems Involved with Cultural Bias in Psychological Testing

Independence is not as highly valued, in general, in these cultures.

The problems extend past these definitions to the DSM and the psychological tests that locate people in the various diagnostic categories. Although considerable effort has been put forth in making the DSMIV biasfree, there has been a long line of critiques of the manual on grounds of both gender and cultural bias.

For example, in the 1970s, Samuda (1975) provided an extensive discussion of psychological testing of American minorities, noting that the tests were clearly biased against these subpopulations. For minority groups, the results of psychological testing were likely to be negative, confirming their status as less desirable, marginalized, others, rather than as normative and healthy mainstream Americans.

As a consequence, considerable effort has been devoted to developing methods to work with ethnic minorities or the culturally different in order to avoid doing harm to clients by using inappropriate tests or methods in inappropriate ways.

Sue (1981) focused on counseling the culturally different, noting that methods should be appropriate to the individual's culture, while also recognizing the mainstream culture to which the individual belongs.

More recently Velasquez et al. (1993) have emphasized working with the DSMIIIR with ethnic minority clients in a more appropriate way. As noted earlier, characteristics and qualities that are seen as healthy and normative for white males and females, may not be appropriate at all for ethnic minority clients navigating in their own subcultures. The acculturative process needs to be taken into account for these clients, along with its particular stresses. In addition, client behaviors need to be understood contextually, rather than outofcontext and in comparison to another culture's values and norms.

According to Velasquez et al. (1993), the result of the cultural bias implicit in the DSM and in ps...

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