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Information Technology and Management in Taiwan and America

The "iamasia NetKnowledge Taiwan" survey also pointed out that Internet users in Taiwan are generally younger and wealthier than non-users. "The average Internet user is 25 years old with a monthly household income of TWD88,000 (USD2,840) while the average non-user is 39 years old with a monthly annual income of TWD61,000 (USD1,970)" ("Almost...", 2000, Online). This last fact is not surprising since Internet access in Taiwan is considerably more expensive than in the United States with average monthly access charges typically 8 times more expensive than in the USA.

The survey also revealed use patterns that are similar to the United States, with 71 percent of Taiwanese going online at home while "Forty percent surf the Web in their place of education, 28 percent in the office and 7 percent at cyber cafTs" ("Almost...", 2000, Online.)

Because of the large number of chip manufacturers, computer manufacturers, and other electronic manufacturing that is done in Taiwan, the countries computer engineers boast the highest percentage of English speakers in a particular profession.

One indication that English is becoming more essential for technology in Taiwan is the fact that in 2001, Taiwan students will start English-language classes in the fifth grade rather than the seventh (Schmit, 2000, 1B).

A second survey, initiated by showed that Taiwan's embryonic Internet and software industries are slowly taking off. As the survey suggests, "Taiwan has an established computer industry but it has revolved around hardware manufacturing, a sector that has seen steadily declining profit margins in recent years. In the past, regulators did not trust software and Internet companies as these companies depended on patents, rather than owning big factories" ("Venture...", 2000, Online).

The implication that the growth area in Taiwan will be in software and the Internet, two fields that require substantial English skills (at this p...

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