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Combined or dual leadership styles are recognized by the LBAII Leadership Style Profile when identical high scores are recorded by a subject in two or more of the quadrants.

Scores on the LBAII Leadership Style Profile are derived from a subject's responses to a 20item instrument. Each item included in the instrument describes an organizational leadership situation, and provides four possible scenarios for each situation from which subject's select one to indicate how they would likely respond to the leadership situation described. Scores are stated in percentages.

The LBAII Leadership Style Profile structure provides for a multiple assessment of a subject's leadership style. In the self evaluation facet of the leadership style assessment, a subject evaluates her or his own leadership style on the basis of self perceptions. The other evaluation facets of the leadership style assessment represent evaluations of a subject's leadership on the basis of (1) a subject's immediate organizational superior, (2) a subject's associate (or associates) on the same organizational hierarchical level as the subject, and (3) a subject's immediate organizational subordinate (or subordinates).

The multiple assessment structure of the LBAII Leadership Style Profile permits the answering of four questions in addition to assessing and describing a subject's leadership style. First, the subject is able to


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