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Information Technology Benefits

There is likely to be increased implementation of broadband networks in order to facilitate the transfer of multimedia information, and neural networks, which are particularly effective in environments with high levels of uncertainty, are also likely to continue to be developed.

Within investment banking, there is likely to be increased use of the Internet for communication among brokers and clients, and increased use of videoconferencing as investment banks continue their worldwide expansion. The sheer volume of transactions which are now generated in the investment banking industry means that companies are likely to continue to invest in technologies such as ComStock and Maxus in order to help their employees (and customers) sort through the available information in a meaningful way.

Maxus Systems uses a three-dimensional display to provide information; ComStock uses information from more than 50 financial markets in order to perform its calculations and present its information. Neural networks are also likely to see increased popularity as the investment banking industry is based on uncertainty and these expert systems can provide a competitive edge to those companies which implement them.

Current Operational Information Systems

Information technology has traditionally been the domain of a company's management information system (MIS) department. Com


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