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Networking technology

E mail communication bears a resemblance to more familiar means of communication, such as a phone call, a memo, a letter, or a conversation, but e mail also has some unique attributes that create fundamental differences between this type of

communication and the more familiar ones. First, it is a new, different, and still evolving medium, and understanding the e mail milieu is crucial to using it to achieve and foster effective and credible communication. Electronic mail and conferencing serves as an equalizer, or a democratization of both personal and professional communication, and a certain degree of anonymity and a crossing or ignoring of the more traditional channels of communication is allowed. Participants who are less outspoken in a traditional conversation or meeting may feel more comfortable about exploring ideas or speaking out on issues when using e mail, and this may also encourage the de emphasis of professional position or status as well. E Mail shares the temporary, convenient, and volatile attributes of telephone or spoken conversation. At the same time, though, it is as permanent a medium as the written word. A unique feature of e mail is the ease of redistribution of the message in its original or an altered form, and ownership of the message or its content is fuzzy at best.


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