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Relationship in the Hotel Industry

It is critical that each of these areas recognize that not only do they serve the external customer (the guest), but also internal customers. If housekeeping is unable to have dirty rooms picked up by the time guests begin checking in, the front office is unable to assign rooms, and guests become unhappy.

The level of quality that a property strives for is based in part on the market that it serves. Motels, for example, which serve the transient market, are not going to try to provide the level of service that five-star properties provide. Chains, such as Sheraton and Hilton, seek to provide the highest level of quality they can within the pricing constructs of maintaining high occupancy rates. Resorts, on the other hand, seek to provide levels of quality that differentiate them from their competitors and which justify the premium prices such properties charge.

Commitment to quality must involves all members of the hotel staff, and should begin with the development of a mission statement for the property (or, if the property is part of a chain, with a corporate wide mission statement).

Once the mission statement has been developed, the company would need to implement a company-wide training program which would include all employees, regardless of their rank or job function (Williams, 1994, p. 17). Each employee would receive training in quality, and learn how to apply its principles to accomplishing the tasks at hand. Employees would be encouraged to become more active in their job design, so that they are able to make recommendations on how to improve the ways in which they perform their jobs.

This employee involvement also requires that managers receive training in quality, as well (Schmidt, 1993, p. 41). Not only do managers need to understand the principles behind quality management, but they also need to rethink their relationship with employees. Instead of imposing their will and ideas on employees, managers need...

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