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The Use of Information Technology

The article is critiqued within the context of two procedural approaches. These approaches are test-retest and alternate form. The test-retest approach was used in the research reported in the critiqued article to establish reliability. The use of alternate form procedures was not reported in the critiqued article.

Many research studies generate vast quantities of data. These data are, more often than not, multidimensional and are characterized by multicollinearity. In most such instances, if the data are to be used effectively, it is necessary to reduce the number of explanatory variables to more manageable proportions. Factor analysis is a general descriptor for a group of specific computational procedures. Each of the procedures included in the group, however, are intended to reduce a large number of measures to a smaller number that provides a more efficient and powerful measure of the same thing. The three general objectives of factor analysis are to study the correlations of a large number of variables by clustering those variables into factors in a way that the variables included in each factor are highly correlated to interpret each factor identified according the variables included in the factor, and to summarize many variables in to a few factors. Factor analysis is a statistical procedure with data-reduction capabilities that is used to determine the underlying pattern of relationships among a set of variables or conditions which may be taken as source variables, accounting for the observed interrelations in the data. Factor loadings are the coefficients of factors identified in factor analysis, and are used as measures of the degree of the relationships between factors and variables. Factor analysis was used in the research reported in the critiqued article. No mention was made in the article of considerations of false positives and false negatives. Because of the focus of the research reported in the critiq...

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