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Bill Clinton

This helped him win on many policy issues while bringing bipartisan cooperation to politics. Kiefer (1999) maintains that Clinton adopted a more ˘centrist ethosÓin doing so, heĂs helped to unite Democrats, rob Republicans of key issues, usher in a new era of budget surpluses, and inspire other world leaders to follow his Šthird wayĂ÷ (1).

Despite this centrist foundation that made Clinton a smart politician, there are a number of others reasons why he represented a smart politician. One of these was the fact that Clinton understood the importance of cultural icons. He hob-knobbed with rock bands like U2, played his saxophone on late night TV, featured Fleetwood Mac and other cultural icons at his inauguration celebration, and knew such icon status would earn him favor with fellow baby-boomers and others. As Shapiro and Painton (1992) asserts, ˘A President, if artful, can transcend mere policy and become an avatar of an era÷ (57). ClintonĂs use of cultural icons helped transform him into an enormously popular politician who the public felt had their interests at heart, giving him clout over his opposition.

Another factor that demonstrates why President Clinton was a smart politician was his worldview toward women. Former Presidents and many politicians bowed to feminism or assigned roles to women in order to provide a token appearance of equality. Clinton was able to go much further than this in two ways. The first of these was his charisma and sex appeal on wome


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