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The Society in Brave New World

Today's population problems have led to government control of reproduction, like China's one-child policy, but in the U.S. reproduction is primarily restricted to the debate on abortion and women's choice still. If technological engineering by the government in Brave New World to control emotion, will, and reproduction seem far fetched, one need only thing of recent advances in genetics technologies and the ability to clone animal species. As William Galston (2002, p. 103) asserts, 'Aldous Huxley's Brave New World is more timely than ever. The genetic revolution of the past several decades has apparently given us the ability to transform the human species itself.' The danger is not in the potential positive uses of such technologies, but in their potential dangerous use by controlling groups in society against those deemed as 'undesirable,' like those who refuses to follow the norms in Brave New World.

When he asks to feel freedom, God, and experience poetry, the Savage is told by the Controller that he also is willing upon himself the right to 'grow old and ugly and impotent; [and] the right to have syphilis and cancer,' (Huxley, 1950, p. 163). In response, the Savage replies, 'I claim them all,' (Huxley, 1950, p. 163). The name of this character who wishes to have his most 'human' qualities remain in tact is not coincidence. Huxley is referring to the condition of man in the state of nature, a nature the government tries to eradicate from humans in Brave New World.


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