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Traditional Leadership Approaches

They understand the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, and the difference between the formal and informal structures within organizations. Effective leaders use this relationship expertise to determine which frame is appropriate for a particular situation, and to determine how best to approach challenges in the workplace. Leaders relate well to those around them, and help those around them maximize their own relationship skills. Leaders make it possible for their subordinates to reach, or at least strive to reach, their potential.

Bill George is the former CEO of Medtronic, and led the company during its heady growth years. George formerly worked at Honeywell, but found the challenges of running a large organization while balancing his personal life to be too great. He left the opportunity of taking over the helm at Honeywell and went to the much smaller Medtronic. Revenues grew from $750 million in 1989 to more than $5 billion when he stepped down in 2001, and the company has operations in more than 120 countries around the world. George worked to ensure that the company's commitment to ethical behavior and strong corporate governance remained central to its activities, and later wrote a book on leadership in which he addresses the lessons learned at Medtronic and elsewhere in his career. The type of leadership that he endorses he terms, "authentic leadership" (Farrell, 2003).

Central to George's concept of authentic leadership are five leadership dimensions. Within each of these dimensions, a specific developmental quality must be present for the leader to be successful. George's approach to leadership moves beyond transaction and transformational, and focuses instead on the actions that the leader takes. A charismatic leader or a leadermanager can make use of the dimensions and developmental qualities that George identifies. Indeed, according to George, a leader cannot be successful at work and in life if the...

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