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Management and Information Systems in Hospitality

The CRS aspect is especially important in the hospitality business, enabling travel agents to find schedules and fares, make reservations directly, and provide the traveler with a smooth, seamless, problem-free journey. The systems chosen have to be such that training does not disrupt the hotel operations, and the best programs and information systems are those than are useful for all levels within the firm, from the CEO to the bell captain.

The management concepts of Total Quality Management (TQM) have been found to be completely applicable to the hospitality industry, and recent research shows that companies that comply with the TQM tenets are able to provide excellent, consistent, high quality service to their customers. Total Quality Management is defined as a "satisfaction of social shareholders via implementing effects as well as using human and other assets efficiently and continually within an organization (Arasli, 2002, p.350). The social shareholders are the interested parties in the concern, such as the customers, owners, employees, suppliers, the government, municipality, and anyone else influenced by the quality of the hotel's service. The TQM model has many components, including leadership, teamwork, participation, influence, empowerment, and the elimination of gaps among the various levels of personnel. Companies who instigate the TQM model have to overcome employee resistance and the inefficient use of time, money, and energy. There are specialized questionnaires for hotels to find out the degree of TQM qualities within the organization. Typical questions on such research include the following:

I know the targets, policies, work methods, and rules of my department.

My work is open to continual development.

I participate in creating hotel policy.

I can get the information that my work requires.

There is harmony between my own goals and the goals of the company.

I am pleased with the quality of the fo...

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