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It is this belief that leadership can be taught that has given rise to corporate leadership training as well as degrees in corporate leadership and organizational leadership at the college level.

Organizations are willing to spend a considerable amount of their resources in an effort to train their managers to become leaders. In 2000, it is estimated that more than $50 billion was spend on corporate leadership development programs (Ready & Conger, 2003). If organizations did not believe that they were receiving an appropriate return on this investment, they would not be committing these levels of resources. However, it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of leadership training since leadership itself is believed to be a "soft" skill. Nonetheless, there are some leadership techniques that have gained particular popularity in recent years, and ways to gauge their effectiveness is the extent to which they are practiced in organizations that have implemented them.


Leadership training takes many different forms, and is similar in many areas to other types of workplace training. Training can take place in a classroom-like setting with an instructor lecturing on various techniques and applying the ideas to the specific workplace. Or, leadership training can take place in the relative isolation of th


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