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Leadership Can Be Taught

Typically, the leadership position is rotated among various members of the group, and the teams must accomplish particular tasks. Often, the outdoor exercised is augmented with educational materials that may use the outdoor theme--such as summiting a peak as similar to reaching an organizational objective--with the goal of reinforcing the leadership lessons (Sullivan, 2003).

Another leadership training technique is that of having authors of leadership books come into the company and talk about the ideas put forth in those books. Kevin Basik, chief of the Air Force Academy's Foundational Leadership Program, is one such speaker who travels the country offering seminars in a lecture format to groups of managers--and his audiences are nearly always composed of managers rather than nonmanagers. Basik maintains that emotional intelligence is one of the key success factors for leaders, and that without emotional intelligence, other critical leadership skills--strong communication skills and an ability to recognize strengths in oneself and others--will not produce an effective leader. At the same time, Basik believes that leadership can be taught so long as there is sufficient natural tendency toward leadership in the individual receiving the training (Doehman, 2003).

One of the most common forms of leadership training is that of the seminar. These one-time forums are typically conducted by professional trainers, and often by the authors of bestselling leadership books. Stephen Covey, who wrote The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Peter Senge, who wrote The Fifth Discipline, and Daniel Goleman, who wrote Emotional Intelligence are just a few of the authors who command thousands of dollars to share their insights with managers. However, it is not clear that one-time seminars actually produce long-term results, or that the results could not be achieved by just reading their books or having a less expensive trainer lead the i...

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