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strength of the state between integrity of the individual

The second set of accusations also hold that Socrates is an evil-doer and that he is a corrupter of youth, that he does not believe in the gods of Athens, and that instead he ha substituted gods of his own. Socrates denies the charges:

Not one of them is true. And if you have heard from anyone that I undertake to each people and charge a fee for it, that is not true either (Plato 26).

Socrates defends himself first that these charges are not true and second that these charges derive from prejudice against him. The fact that the prejudice is widespread is shown by the fact that there is a character named Socrates in the play Clouds by Aristophanes, and Socrates goes to some lengths to describe that play and the behavior of the character to show what the view of him is. He says that Aristophanes may not have intended for his play to be taken seriously, but it is clear that many people have done just that. Another reason for the prejudice against him is the false rumors that have circulated about how he has investigated the things of heaven and earth, when in fact Socrates has no interest in the physical sciences and has given his attention to other matters that interest him more. Another charge is that Socrates claims a certain wisdom for himself, and he finds that this prejudice has derived from a statement by the oracle at Delphi that no one was wiser than Socrates. The fact that the oracle said it does not mean that Socrates himself believes it, but the idea has been ascribed to him just the same. Another source of prejudice, he says, is the fact that over the years many of the young men of the wealthier class have come to him because they enjoy listening to the manner in which he exposes the ignorance of those around him. Those he exposes in this fashion have become angry and have called Socrates a destroyer of youth.

Socrates addresses the issue that he corrupts the young by noting his method and how all he does is...

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