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Computer Networks in Corporate Business

Obviously, since the early to mid1970s, a dynamic transition from the industrial age to some new and different type of industrial/societal organization has been in progress. Malone and Rockart (1991, pp. 128136) think that this transition is between an industrial society and a knowledgebased society.

The new corporate environment will differ significantly from that of the present period. Those industrial organizations of the present day which will survive in the knowledgebased society and economy are those whose organizational structures, processes, and technologies provide them with the necessary flexibility to change in ways which will make them compatible with the changing societal environments.

In the current period of transition, society and its institutions are in the process of exploring new goals, values, technologies, and processes. Certainly, not all of these new goals, values, technologies, and processes will prove to be acceptable, and will survive into the knowledgebased age. It is this very uncertainty that is the cause of disagreement as to the eventual shape of the emerging age. Many of the alternative goals, values, technologies, and processes that will be rejected during this period of transition may well be resurrected and implemented at some point during the knowledgebased society. Thus, whatever characteristics are projected today may well change tomorrow.


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