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Japan's Post World War II Economic Development

 Harmony is attained when those involved in these interpersonal relationships act in accordance with their social place and responsibilities. These relationships are both hierarchical and reciprocal. Thus, society is arranged according to how each individual relates to others, forming a group or collective consciousness. Every individual in Japanese society within a nexus of relationships, thereby obligated to fulfill particular obligations and duties.

Japan surmounted a great challenges to recover its debilitated economy. After World War II, "Japan's perc apita income in 1950 was less than three-fourths is pre-war level. The primary reason behind Japan's economic transformation was the growth of large general trading companies, also known as conglomerates. These conglomerates played a large role in Japan's export expansion. The close relationship between these conglomerates and the Japanese government also aided their success. The Japanese economic system with its achieved goal to "import raw materials from abroad, manufacture and p


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