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Japan Transforming to Global Economic Power After World War II

The Japanese economic system with its achieved goal to "import raw materials from abroad, manufacture and process in Japan and export manufactured goods abroad" was formed by the formidable strength of conglomerates. Thus, Japan's economic transformation was largely due to the impact of conglomerates during the post World War II period.

What accounts for Japan's remarkable success? This paper will now discuss a micro-level view of the influence of Confucianism on Japan's economic transformation. As stated, relationships formed the basis of interpersonal interactions. Japanese businesses modeled their method of management after the family, the primary social unit of Japan. Employers fostered feelings of loyalty and emphasized harmony between members of their company. Because of the feeling of oneness generated by cultural expectations, one can imagine that employees felt that was good for the company was naturally good for them. This accounts for the famous Japanese industriousness that no doubt helped to drive businesses forward. In addition, Confucian stress on responsibilities and duties also framed the Japanese work ethic. Employers and employees were bound by duty to fulfill their obligations to each and to their company. Thus, each member of the company felt it was his/her responsibility to perform at their best. It could be said the a company lives and dies by its employees and Japanese employers and employees, in particular, were obligated to promote industriousness, hard work and a strong work ethic because of their belief in harmony and responsibilities to each other.

Some argue that Confucianism is an outmoded ideology because its emphasis on collectivity. Surely, Japan is a perfect example why this is not the case. Confucian beliefs actually guided the actions of employers and employees, the foundation of b


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