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The Rediscovered of Olympia site by Richard Chandler

These works were produced by the sculptor Alkamenes.

Schefold cites another example in the Temple of Apollo near Phigalia, produced by Iktonis. Inside the Corinthian capital is a frieze that runs all round the chamber and that depicts the fight of Hercules with the Amazons and a battle against the Centaurs with a new leading motif, that of Apollo and Artemis as they appear driving a team of stags and bringing help while the bride flees to the old-fashioned statue of the god. Schefold says the conception of the gods mirrors that in Euripedes as they are shown to be helpless until the true godhead comes to the rescue:

This must have affected those who came in search of a cure all the more deeply since the deployment of entablature and frieze inside a temple was just as unparalleled as the whole combination of rooms and reliefs in this building. The pilgrim was surrounded by what usually surrounded the temple and the cult statue of the god (Schefold 169).

The first Greek monumental sculpture come from the seventh century B.C. and are seen as evidence of contact with Egypt, showing the Egyptian style of having the hands clenched in a fist. Later in that century, the influence becomes more pronounced with the kouroi youths statues, which "follow the stylistic laws of Egyptian sculpture in the position of the arms and in the hands clenched in a fist, as well as having one foot advanced" (Akurgal 176). In both Egyptian and Greek statutes of the time, the head and body are upright with eyes, mouth, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles all level. There are also differences--the Egyptian statue wears a kilt, while the Greek figure is nude (Woodford 40).

Many other influences were at work in Greece at this time as well, notably from Syrian, Hittite, and similar sources. These would be mixed with the Egyptian influences, and over time these influences would be developed in a new way in Greek art that would later in turn influence t...

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