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Erin Brockovich

It is also important to visualize the scenes where it seems it was all over, the reluctance of some of the victims to go ahead, that one "would be more likely to blame factors in the situation for the failureaThis reflects a self-serving biasa.the tendency to make external attributionsa.for one's own failures" (Hughes et al, 2002, p. 53).

Self-reflection is an important part of leadership qualities. We see a number of scenes where Erin talks with friends and neighbors of Donna, for example, where- in one meeting after months have passed without any positive response from PG&E- some of the members of the suit are reluctant to continue, willing to have the utility buy their property. It was in these scenes and those immediately following, where we see Erin- and, in a couple of scenes, even Ed Masry, reflect on what they could do, should have done, will do. Ed is not seeing any money coming in, only going out in expenses. "One reason the reflection component is often neglected may be time pressure" (Hughes et al 55). In the scenes where some are unwilling to continue, when the hoped-for result is in doubt, when months drag on without any resolution, this is where the leadership qualities of Erin really stand out. From self-reflection, she turns to increase determination to stick with it, even as Ed Masry now has doubts, and is unwilling to spend any more money.

As the case continues, as the participation of people increases and then sharply decreases, the self-reflection of Erin becomes, according to the text, a form of "double-loop learninga.a willingness to confront one's own views and an invitation of others to do so, too" (Hughes et al, 2002, p. 67). Here we see the conflict arising between Erin and George, her boyfriend. He is losing patience with the enormous time and effort Erin is expending, which means less time and attention given him. Double-loop learning really makes it more possible to confront the pluses and min...

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