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Designing for Gender: Products for Mass Market Consumption

The second set of objects represents selected cell phones from the Nokia L'Amour Collection. Here again, the cell phones designed for women are depicted in soft colors that are "feminine" whereas those for men have a darker casing and a more generally utilitarian visual appeal. As noted Kirkham and Attfield (1996), even unisex objects are often gendered to reflect different characteristics and thereby appeal to male and female consumers.

The third set of images in the Appendix depicts a variety of Rolex watches. It is easy to identify the watches designed for men versus men by such features as their size and the amount of ornamentation on their faces. The watch is in and of itself a unisex object, which, like the all-purpose sports training shoe described by Boydell (1996), is increasingly differentiated to reflect male and female taste and style preferences.

The final images depict perfume bottles and packaging developed by Giorgio Armani Corporation for females and males. In this instance, the first image is of a red and vibrant package that appeals to women and the following images are of darker colored bottles of a more utilitarian nature designed for male consumers. The visual languages are augmented by what Boydell (1996), in a different context, characterizes


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