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Educational Success for ALL Students

In the rural Lincoln County School District, however, the picture is better. This school's vision of "Educational success for ALL students!" is little improved over those previously discussed, but its accompanying goals include "improved relationships" and the establishment of a culture that values self, all students ("especially the disenfranchised"), school teams, and parents ("Areas of Focus/Goals," 2007). A charter school, the Insight School of Nevada, has a mission statement that, once again, offers no mention of cultural competence, "to provide an opportunity for high-school-age students to achieve their individual potential and graduate from high school with concrete plans for the future" ("Public Notice," 2009).

The significance of cultural competence in each of these organizations can be assumed to be minimal, since none of them mention the term "cultural competence" and virtually none of them even make any oblique reference to the concept of cultural competence. However, as an educator, I would incorporate cultural competence and proficiency into my organizational statements because without a focus on this competence, it is likely to be omitted from planning and implementation, and this facet of education today is vital in an increasingly diverse society. I would limit the degree to which I incorporated it to enable my schools to find their own innovative ways to implement cultural competence, as I do not believe that dictating methodology is beneficial but rather stultifying to growth. Instead, I would work to develop cultural competence into the schools' culture by promoting emotional intelligence training geared toward cultural diversity and making the culture one of acceptance, sensitivity to others' views, and enjoyment and celebration of diversity.

My organizational and leadership philosophy might be worded as follows:

Providing an environment that communicates acceptance of all in...

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