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Educational Success for ALL Students

2). Again, there is nothing about cultural competence in either of these statements.

In the urban Clark County, Nevada school district, the vision statement might be expected to reflect cultural competence objectives, but again, it does not. The vision merely states, "All students have the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values necessary to achieve academically, prosper economically, and participate in democracy" ("E-1: Vision Statement," 2008). In the rural Lincoln County School District, however, the picture is better. This school's vision of "Educational success for ALL students!" is little improved over those previously discussed, but its accompanying goals include "improved relationships" and the establishment of a culture that values self, all students ("especially the disenfranchised"), school teams, and parents ("Areas of Focus/Goals," 2007). A charter school, the Insight School of Nevada, has a mission statement that, once again, offers no mention of cultural competence, "to provide an opportunity for high-school-age students to achieve their individual potential and graduate from high school with concrete p


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