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Landfill Gas New Technologies

The LMOP maintains that each 1 MW of LFG generation capacity is equivalent to:

Offsetting the use of 200 railcars of coal

Preventing the use of 99,000 barrels of oil

Powering more than 600 homes per year

Direct use of LFG is also highly beneficial to the environment. The LMOP argues that each 1 mmscf/day of collected landfill gas is equivalent to the following:

Offsetting the use of 400 railcars of coal

Preventing the use of 195,000 barrels of oil

Heating more than 5,000 homes per year

LFG is also a reliable and renewable source of alternative fuel. Its production emits little to no sulfur dioxide or particulate matter, it burns much more cleanly than fossil fuels like oil or coal, and it produces far less nitrogen oxides. During the process of combustion it is also much less volatile than conventional sources of energy or fuel. Plakovic (2001) argues that the collection and distribution of LFG to industrial end users 'provides a win-win-win situation for the provider, user and the environment' (32). The LMOP was created in 1994 to offer technical assistance to a variety of stakeholders in the LFG industry, including landfill owners, operators, communities, states, energy organizations and others. From feasibility studies to the identification of uses of LFG, the organization ahs been responsible for many LFG and LFGTE projects since its inception.

A growing number of LFG and LFGTE projects have been put into operation or are under construction due to the myriad benefits that accrue from their use. The projects are as varied as their numbers. In Chandler, Arizona, the city has inked a deal with Salt River Project, a semi-public utility, to provide methane gas from its landfill to the energy company. Typically, methane emissions are burned off in landfills through flares. The Chandler flares emit 200 cubic feet of methane a minute from one 66-acre landfill (McMullen 2000, 4). As part of the Salt River Proje...

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