Landfill Gas New Technologies
This analysis will discuss some of the alternative uses of LFG and its benefit to consumers and the environment.

The increase in the use of LFG as an alternative energy source stems from a new understanding of the processes involved in its production, as well as government legislation on the federal, state, and local level offering a number of incentives to help those utilizing it for such purposes. The 1992 National Energy Policy Act demonstrated the federal governmentĂs willingness to support alternate fuel use. The Act required federal use of alternate fuel vehicles, with state and local governments to follow suit by 1996. The Act also offered tax credits for the use of alternate fuel vehicles and the creation of alternate fuel dispensing stations. The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation in 2003 that included LFG tax incentives. According to Beckley (2003), ˘The measure expands Section 45 tax credit for electricity-generating projects to include landfill gas÷ (6).

The methane composition of LFG is increased by maximizing the anaerobic decomposition process. Using landfill gas reduces methane emission, undermining its impact on the environment. If LFG is used to produce energy, it actually helps remove pollution from the atmosphere. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are a number of uses for LFG as a

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