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The Pride of Life

These programs (and this approach to profit sharing) are generally referred to as employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). Under this method, employees share in the profits of the firm both through dividends paid and through increased market values of stocks held. Employees do not participate directly in operational losses; however, declines in market values may be the result of such losses.

Formal personnel performance appraisal is a fact of life in most North American organizations of any size (Longenecker, Liverpool, and Wilson, 1988, pp. 311320). As entrenched as the practice is, however, personnel performance appraisal continues to controversial (Heneman, 1987, pp. 431448).

One important contemporary contention with respect to personnel performance appraisal is that the process will be effective only to the extent that managers and subordinates within an organization share perceptions as to (1) the purpose and function of the process, and (2) its effectiveness with respect to meeting the goals of both management and individuals (Longenecker, Liverpool, and Wilson, 1988, pp. 311320).

The selection of individuals within organizations for leadership positions and for other forms of organizational reward is accomplished by a variety of methods, most of which depend upon the composite results of several factorsrecommendations of organizational superiors, educational background, past performance, and so forth. One factor which is found in most selection procedures, however, is the performance evaluation or performance appraisal (Lombardo, 1985, pp. 18). Thus, it is apparent that effective performance evaluation is one of the critical factors contributing to a firm's ongoing success.

Much of the evaluation of performance in America organizations is a processoriented procedure. A process orientation means that the evaluative criteria are related primarily to: (1) qualifications; (2) planning activities performed ...

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