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Limited Piano Buying

All of them are very knowledgeable about the store's products and most of them are knowledgeable about music in general. They are conversant with the different brands of pianos and organs and what distinguishes them from each other, and they are skilled at putting together financing options for those who do not happen to have several thousand dollars available to plunk down on the spot for a high-ticket item. The sales staff is the most important component in my decision concerning whether to buy from a store or not, because their attention to my needs signals whether I will obtain good service later on. I have talked to a couple of people who bought products there, and both recommend the company's service after the sale. Therefore, I would be likely to buy a piano there if I were in the market for one.

Despite these favorable features, however, there were a few things I would have liked to see changed. First, the display of the pianos and organs was too linear, and I had to walk up and down the length of the building to see them all. I realize that the shape of the building dictated this to some degree, but I would have preferred seeing all similar-priced pianos together in a limited area, possibly in a circle, for comparison purposes. Another problem was the noise level in the building. There was a pianist playing the entire time I was there, plus salespeople demonstrating pianos and organs to customers, not to mention some children running up and down the aisles and making more noise. If I had truly been in the market to buy a piano that day, I would have been very disappointed at the inability to really hear its tone and listen for any potential defects in that noisy environment. Third, I disliked the way the pricing was displayed. Rather than a large price sticker that gave me a definitive price, there was a sheet of paper printed in small print on both sides with


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