Health Care Services by Undocumented Aliens in U.S.
2024). The research presented in this study considers both sides of the argument, together with the implications of the counter arguments.

This issue is relevant to nursing and to the nation's health care delivery system for a number of interrelated reasons. First, the number of undocumented aliens residing in the United States continues to grow (Berger, 1992, p. B3). The need for health care services among the undocumented alien component of the American population, thus, is also increasing. Second, the overwhelming majority of the undocumented aliens in the United States arrive here nearly destitute and largely tend to remain in need (Capan, Beard, and Mashburn, 1993, pp. 5355). Thus, the great majority of undocumented aliens are not going to be able to gain access to health care services by paying for such services. Third, the provision of free or subsidized health care services

to undocumented aliens restricts the funds available to provide free or subsidized health care services to indigent citizens and legal aliens in the country (Gelfand and BialikGilad, 1989, pp. 2327). Funds to provide free or subsidized health care services to citizens and legal aliens in the United States are already scarce.

As costs associated with the delivery of health care services soared in the 1980s, third party funders, health care providers, and users of health care service

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