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Obedience in Pakistan

They are deprived the very rights that many individuals and women enjoy the world over, from education to career choice. Najam (2009) reports that because female children are not particularly desirable to chauvinistic Muslim society, female children face life as "a journey of subordination...with the whole society acting as an oppressor, browbeating her in to obedience" (p. 1). In this sense, it is very harmful for Pakistani women to remain unconditionally obedient because it stunts their development and every choice that is significant in their life is made by men. This robs Pakistani women who are unconditionally obedient at any chance of meaningful happiness in life since they are unable to have a say in the decisions that most affect their life.

Even worse than robbing Pakistani women of their chance for an education, career or even happiness is the fact that an atmosphere of unconditional obedience and complete submission to men has led to an environment that perpetuates abuse against women. As Najam (2009) reports, this kind of culture has led to numerous and horrific acts against Pakistani women including: "Multiple forms of violence include rape; domestic abuse as spousal murder, mutilation, burning and disfiguring faces by acid, beatings; ritual honour-killings and custodial abuse and torture" (p. 1). Durrah told me her mother's cousin had been killed in a ritual hono


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