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Minimalism-visual art and music

This was the same criticism often levied against Naturalism, which was the literary spin-off of Realism: In seeking to push the limits of Modernism (or Realism) the next generation of artists had gone too far, creating work that had no content to it. It was all, Fried insisted, an empty show.

Judd - who created precisely the kinds of work that Fried dismissed - presents a very different way of interpreting Minimalist work. He argued, in his essay "Specific Objects" that Minimalism allowed each viewer to have a relationship with each work of art that was free from the influence of any other work of art. In other words, Minimalism allowed audiences to understand and appreciate a work without any training in art or any previous experience with other pieces of art or other artistic forms. Minimalism, for Judd, allowed both artist and audience to appreciate each work as "the thing in itself". This was a deeply liberal position, going against centuries of artworld tradition that had argued - both explicitly and implicitly - that only those who understood the entire history of an artwork could truly understand it.

Glaser, in his interview "Questions to Stella and Judd" allowed these two artists to discuss their own liberal interpretation of Minimalism. Both artists expressed their commitment to an art that could be appreciated by anyone, that was not bound to the past by any tradition of representation or form nor by any system of artistic patronage Glaser 150-2). The kind of art that they made - Stella and Judd insisted, belonged to any at all.

Looking back from a vantage point in the artworld in which both Modernism and Minimalism seem fairly old hat, it is difficult not to shake our heads wryly at all this wrangling. From our 21st-century perspective, the two schools look far more similar than dissimilar to each other, and if Minimalism was certainly more radical than Modernism, we can see the clear roots of this radicalism in the wo...

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