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Weed and Seed Program

The need for effective law enforcement in central city racial and

ethnic minority neighborhoods is recognized first and foremost by the great majority of the residents of these neighborhoods.

Law breaking is common in America's ethnic and racial minority neighborhoods. Much of this law breaking activity is associated with drug dealing and drug use. Much of this law breaking is also associated with gang activity. Further, there is a great deal of interrelationship between drug and gang activities. The increasing strength of the drug dealers and gangs has made it more and more difficult for the ordinary citizens of these neighborhoods to control or even influence their neighborhood environments.

Law enforcement, as it is practiced in America's central city ghettos, largely follows the dictum of the antiaircraft artillery in the Second World War"shoot 'um all down, and we'll sort out friends from foes on the ground." In this vein, metropolitan police forces tend to treat all residents of central city ghetto neighborhoodsparticularly young residentsas if they are either drug dealers or gang membersor both! As a consequence, the metropolitan police tend to run roughshod over the constitutional rights of the residents of central city ghetto neighborhoods. The attitude of the metropolitan police seem to be that the price of trampling on the constitutional ri


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