Theme of The Oresteia Trilogy
Before the war, Agamemnon sacrificed his eldest daughter at Aulis in order to obtain a favorable wind to carry the Greek fleet to Troy to begin the siege to retrieve Helen from the prince of Troy.

During the ten-year conflict, Agamemnon's wife Clytemnestra has ruled Argos in her husband's absence. Cyltemnestra has planned Agamemnon's murder the entire time and feels no guilt following his murder. Clytemnestra also murders Agamemnon's slave Cassandra, but Cassandra guesses her fate before entering Agamemnon's palace and prays that justice will be done one day. Clytemnestra is seen by some as a sympathetic character, and that her hatred of her husband for sacrificing their daughter is in some way moral and just. Unfortunately, the ethics of her actions are overshadowed to some extent by her affair with Aegisthus.

The Chorus of Elders thinks that the sacrifice of Iphigenia was unjust. They also believe the loss of so many Greek lives during these ten years of fighting were unnecessary and therefore unjust. The Elders believe it was unnecessary and unjust for so many soldiers to die trying to save one woman. The Chorus of Elders believes that the Greeks must be moderate in the amount of damage they cause to the city of Troy. They feel that too much damage, or too many captives, and too much plunder could create another cycle of revenge by the people of Troy against the people of Argos. The Elders do not believe that Zeus used Clytaemnestra to

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