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How Capital Punishment Affirms Life

He places the United States in a different category to Far Eastern countries who still maintain the death penalty. He even went so far as to propose that the United StatesĂ status as observer in the Council of Europe be revoked because the Council is formally committed to the respect of human rights and the abolition of the death penalty.

Although the United Kingdom has abolished capital punishment, John E. Townsend, who led the Conservative Party for many years, is a strong advocate for bringing back the death penalty in Britain (Two). He says there has been a great demand in Britain for many years for a referendum in Britain so people would be able to vote just on the issue of the death penalty, which he says most of the ordinary people are in favor of. There is still strong majority support for the death penalty in Britain, with people believing in the biblical ˘an eye for an eye÷ and many of them feeling capital punishment is a deterrent. He says that when Britain did have the death penalty, criminals usually did not carry arms. While many say capital punishment does not deter criminals, he points to statistics that show the murder rate dropping in the United States after capital punishment was reinstated.

Townsend says that throughout Europe, conservative politicians and others on the right favor capital punishment, while socialists and other left-wing politicians are opposed, but at the man-in-the-street leve


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