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25th Hour and Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee

Lee engineers several other scenes that tie the story explicitly to the attacks. For example, Monty's father, a former firefighter, owns a bar that has posted tributes to other firefighters who died in the attacks. Monty and his father have a brief conversation about one particular firefighter that Monty went to school with. But perhaps the most visually explicit scene takes place when Monty's friends, Frank and Jake talk about Monty's impending incarceration in Frank's apartment. They have the conversation next to a window that overlooks Ground Zero at night. Their dialogue about Ground Zero is brief, but it touches on the possible politicization of the attacks when they discuss whether the EPA or the New York Times is telling the truth about the air quality at Ground Zero.

As the viewer watches Frank and Jake have this conversation in this location with that backdrop, it is impossible not to consider Lee's purpose in the set-up of the scene. Frank says that Monty got what was coming to him for being a drug dealer. Monty was ruining lives by what he was doing and he deserves to go to jail. Any viewer aware of the terrorists' stated goals in flying planes into the Twin Towers is aware that the terrorists sought to strike back at a nation and an economic system that they believed caused strife in other parts of the world. The viewer cannot help but wonder if Lee is tying Monty and his drug dealing to the United States and


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