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E-Commerce Business Proposal

Within minutes the agent offers suitable options to the consumer, who may then want modifications that are readily available. Moments later the deal is done. The agent will take care of all reservations after securing electronic payment from the consumer. associates will maintain an active relationship with the consumer before departure and follow-up service will be provided after return.

The mission is to provide business and leisure travelers with a complete travel package service based on customized levels of service provided at the lowest cost available. This experience will be enhanced via multimedia live interaction between associates and consumers, also allowing for real-time communication and virtual browsing of potentially purchased services. It is Travel-Mart.comĘs mission to build positive, long-term relationships with business and leisure consumers as well as our vendors and stakeholders in order to become the ultimate Web source for travel. will choose to incorporate for liability purposes, but the corporation will consist of two partners: John Smith (President and Secretary) and Mike Jones (Vice-President and Treasurer). Stock will be owned on a 50-50 split, with the partners sharing an equal am


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