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The Tragedy of Love of Romeo & Juliet

They are too young and lack the experience to distinguish if their role models are right or wrong. The Friar and Nurse are meant to represent balanced humans and are the two who least judge as inappropriate the love between Romeo and Juliet. They know the power of love. They still are capable of expressing love. They may be stern or they may be nurturing, but they are not judgmental enough to merit the entitlements of a 'Montague' or 'Capulet.' As such, Romeo and Juliet are still suspect of them because they only know adults who judge and forget how to love, but still they communicate with one or the other of them more openly than they do their parents. The Nurse routinely aids the pair of lovers, as does the Friar. They are both stern with them also. In one scene when Romeo is filled with anxiety over Tybalt and Juliet, the Friar tells him, 'Hold they desperate hand: Art thou a man: they form cries out thou art,' (Shakespeare 1975, 1031). This is primarily because up until the time they encounter each other they believe the 'Montagues' and 'Capulets' respectively define what is permissible or impermissible; what is right or wrong. As such, they seek external approval to the degree that they follow someone else's directive for their own happiness, because they are young enough not to understand what they have in their immediate possession. Lacking a 'Romeo' or a 'Juliet' in one's life, it is understandable that one might only know the universe of a 'Montague' or a 'Capulet.' Having the world defined from these limited definitions, Romeo and Juliet, because of their youth, are ripped away from their love because it does not adhere to either the 'Montague' or 'Capulet' definition of love. In that definition a 'Montague' could never love a 'Capulet' and a 'Capulet' could never love a 'Montague.' As such, the inability of their historically warring families to tolerate, appreciate, or embrace their love for each other is wha...

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