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What is a Cold War and How it Effects the Involve Country?

A calendar of this type of events, mainly pertaining to the USA is attached. Similar plans pertaining to other imperialistic states could be developed in the course of work.

Assistant Chief of the Propaganda (A. Iakovlev)

As it would turn out, American would not need reliance on Russia to win World War II and defeat the Japanese. A fact that occurred because of great fear over Germany’s development of the capability of nuclear fission. Many contend that Hitler was in favor of traditional means of warfare and would never have used the atomic bomb anyway, but fear among U.S. leaders resulted in the Manhattan Project, a collaboration between scientists which ended in the development of atomic weaponry. The Cold War actually represents a series of moves and countermoves, both by the West and the East, some of them diplomatic others not so diplomatic. In an actual telegram from Joseph Stalin in 1945, we see that relations between the U.S. and Russia were not always strained along the path of the Cold War. The telegram is Stalin’s personal thanks to Truman for his support of Soviet proposals for the schedule Soviet-Chinese Accord that same year:

In the message of June 15 to Comrade Stalin, Truman reported the June 15 departure of Sun-Tzi Ven from the USA for Moscow via Chungking. … Truman also reported that Hurly, the American ambassador to Chungking, was instructed to support Soviet proposals in this connection. Give Truman the following message from Comrade Staling: ‘PERSONAL AND TOP SECRET FROM PREMIER J. V. STALIN TO MR. PRSIDENT H. TRUMAN. Received your message concerning preparation of a Soviet-Chinese Accord and your instructions to Mr. Hurly. Thank you for the measures you have taken. June 15, 1945.

While Truman may have been supportive of Soviet policies where this accord was concerned, he was certainly not in favor of allowing Communism or its backers to spread. A speech made by Stalin in 1946 made th...

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