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What is a Cold War and How it Effects the Involve Country?

One of the chief concerns of this conference was to decide the fact of the nations Germany had won and destroyed during the war. Poland and Yugoslavia were given their freedom without being allowed to institute any kind of Nazi or Fascist government. The division of Germany caused the main conflict during the conference. Stalin won control of East Germany, including Berlin because the logistics of the Russian military were such to ensure they could defend these territories. In part, Stalin also won this concession because he agreed to join the United States in its war against Japan and both Roosevelt and Churchill trusted the leader world leader would keep his commitment to allow free elections. However, Stalin saw the world as divided into two opposing forces. On the one side he viewed the enemies of Russia, any imperialist or capitalist state, and, on the other, Russia. Stalin shocked both of the other world leaders when he refused to allow free elections in Eastern bloc countries and by mandating they all institute Communist governments, including the undermining of any democratic efforts. Because of the immense struggles against Japan in the war, Roosevelt and the U.S. could do little because they did not want to lose a potentially needed ally and they knew Stalin had the military forces in Europe to back his efforts with ample power. However, even at this time Churchill warned of the impending danger of creating a Europe t


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