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Mustafa Kemal Atatnrk

Between 1925 and 1929, in order to put down insurrection on the parts of those resisting new and rapid changes in the former traditional way of Turkish life, Kemal had dictatorial power granted to him by the Parliament. Political insurrection in the party was one thing; armed insurrection was another, and when, in February 1925, a Kurdish revolt broke out in the eastern provinces, Kemal acted swiftly and vigorously. The leader of the rebels was one of the hereditary chiefs of the dervishes. By the beginning of the next month the rebellion had spread to much of the southeast, and seemed to offer a serious threat to the Republican regime. In the same month "a drastic 'Law for the Maintenance of Order' was rushed through the Assembly, giving extraordinary and, in effect, dictatorial powers to the government for two years. They were renewed in 1927 and did not finally expire until 1929."

Kemal said that his changes could have been enforced without the use of the "Law for the Maintenance of Order." However, he more modestly admitted that "it prevented the large-scale poisoning of the nation by certain reactionaries." The reactionaries were many, including dervishes and Kurds. Sometimes also referred to as "The Law for the Restoration of Order," the edict granting Kemal augmented powers originated as a result of continued uprisings, mostly from religious groups. Far from being a blood bath, Kemal's response to the insurrections still called for death to the insurgents. In part he was protecting his own life. "Reported executions were thirteen for an attempt on Atatnrk's life, twenty-eight in a dervish uprising to restore the sheriat law, and not more than ten others. There were, however, more deaths later in a military suppression of Kurd uprising near the eastern border of Turkey."

In one of Atatnrk's great speeches in 1927, while arguing for the separation of the caliphate and sultanate, he suggested that if his view of thin...

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