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"Presently, the computer (hardware) has outpaced the instructional programs (software), but interest is so keen that more and more teachers and materials developers are receiving instruction on how to develop CALI programs. They are aided by ingenious software-writing programs such as "Apple Pilot" and "Super Pilot" (Bowen, Madsen, & Hilferty, 1985, 56).

C - Teaching/Learning Methodology: The Background

A methodology, by definition, is "a body of methods used in a particular branch of study or activity" (The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, 1993, 1759). CAI, by virtue of its ability to address individuals as well as groups and of being potentially interactive, demands novel methodologies. Note that, however "interactive" CAI may be, it is still a long way from offering the gamut of responses and resources possible in the case of the dyad "teacher-student"--but this interactive situation is operationally impractical: Who can afford one-to-one instruction? And for those who can: Is it the ideal approach to learning?

Methods can be developed only on the basis of learning theory. Individualized CAI must, in addition, possess diagnostic,

multimedia display, and responsive functions. Some researchers and teachers believe that it is this complex methodological corpus based on inadequate knowledge of learning mechanisms that is the crux of the matter, and that computers still fail miserably on this score. Jackendoff (1983, 12) rejected the possibility of computer modeling as a constraint on a semantic theory, because of the difference between today's computers' architecture whose articulation is serial, and the brain's whose processing is interactive and parallel. "But it would seem that Expert Systems (in Artificial Intelligence) are in fact an attempt to develop models with properties very similar if not identical to the preference model, and of course Parallel Distributed Processing itself (Rumelhart & others) applies the b...

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