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Iraq War Veterans Treatment and Returning Home

No such widespread movement opposing the Iraq War exists today. Thus, soldiers returning from Iraq are not being taunted and maligned to the same extent.

While the treatment of Iraq veterans has not matched the disrespectful and malicious nature of the reception of Vietnam War veterans, one could argue that the inadequate care the former receive for their illnesses makes their homecoming just as uncomfortable. Veterans' hospitals and military medical centers have become lodged with a surfeit of wounded military men and women. While initial medical care is typically advanced and expertly performed, soldiers across the country struggle with unaddressed mental and emotional problems just as much as Vietnam veterans. The system, experts say, is still unequipped to deal with the frustrating adjustment to civilian life (Priest & Hull "Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration at Army's Top Medical Facility," A01). In addition, the job prospects for Iraq War veterans are bleak because of the struggling economy. Compared with the opp


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