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Veterans of the Iraq War

In addition, the job prospects for Iraq War veterans are bleak because of the struggling economy. Compared with the opportunities Vietnam War veterans had, including coveted positions within the Central Intelligence Agency, Iraq War veterans often find that their skills do not translate well into the service economy of today (Coll, Ghost Wars, 56). The relatively ubiquitous dissemination of the news about Iraq War veterans' poor hospitalization and job outlook may be one factor why these veterans receive more sympathy than did Vietnam War veterans.

Despite the disheartening treatment Iraq War veterans face, there are services dedicated to serving them when they return to the Untied States. These services work diligently to ensure that the transition home is as compassionate and smooth as possible. One such service is the Iraq War Veterans Organization, Inc. The organization, which is run through its website,, provides information and support for all veterans of the global war on terror and their families. The site specializes in issues relating to pre-deployment and post-deployment and links to a slew of information concerning Veterans Affairs benefits, health care, readjustment, education, employment, military discounts, and support groups.

Active military personnel founded the group and country celebrities and musicians sponsor it. The group even has help for guardsmen and reservists, and a section on its website where viewers can read letters from the front. Again, such salient dispersal of information, available to anyone with an interest in the war, may contribute to the general higher empathy the public maintains for Iraq War veterans than it did for Vietnam War veterans. When the traumas these military men and women face are accessible by a simple mouse click, it is much more dif


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