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Underdevelopment of Poor Countries

A lack of domestic resources is the key to poverty in these countries (LDCs). The intrusion of western capitalism destroys Third World counties' self-sufficiency, loots them of their resources, blocks diversification, and results in poverty and underdevelopment (Modernization Theory). Dependency Theory was a forerunner of World System Theory, which says that rich countries developed by exploiting the poor, and focusing on internal conditions while ignoring external conditions, justifying capitalist exploitation of underdeveloped countries.

Modernization has helped women of higher economic status by giving them more opportunities but has worsened the condition of poor women, particularly those in Third World countries by leaving them behind and exploiting them. Currently there are only four female heads of governments and only five female heads of state. Women are grossly outnumbered in government positions, and grossly under-represented. To date there are no studies on common characteristics of female heads of state in Third World countries, although many of them had fathers or husbands who were prominent in politics. Their assumptions of power has not greatly affected the status of women in other nations.

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