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Arab Region & Latin America

There have also been gains in life expectancy by fifteen years on average in both regions. Nevertheless, quality healthcare and access to healthcare remains a development problem in both regions.

The Arab region appears to be resource rich and development poor in comparison to other underdeveloped regions. Human development still suffers from a lack of access to education and employment opportunities in both regions. Education of the young has become a priority. Other priorities need to focus on opening access to education to women and eliminating gaps between men and women in employment with respect to wages and employment opportunities. In both regions women still suffer from a lack of civil rights and are routinely oppressed. This is particularly true in the Arab States region where in fundamentalist Islamic nations women are often forbidden to work, receive education or even leave the house without the accompaniment of a male relative. Such lack of empowerment for women continues to represent a human development deficit in both regions.

In both regions government corruption and a lack of sound institutions with respect to economics and governance continue to undermine human development. Improved regulatory systems and the rule of law in addition to improvement developed human capacity will enable regimes in both regions to impr


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