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Human Development in the Arab States Region and Latin America

In both regions government corruption and a lack of sound institutions with respect to economics and governance continue to undermine human development. Improved regulatory systems and the rule of law in addition to improvement developed human capacity will enable regimes in both regions to improve their economic, social and political environments in ways that better their states and their peoples. Goals in both regions revolve around increasing educational opportunities and access for children and women, increasing literacy rates, eradicating inequalities in employment, and increasing human capacities relative to income.

My personal perspective on this panel presentation is one of mixed emotions. I firmly believe that corrupt regimes and non-democratic institutions are responsible for the lack of human development progress in both Latin America and the Arab states. Without guaranteeing certain freedoms in markets, institutions and to individuals, many of the human development issues facing both regions will continue to plague the economic, political and social environment of each. However, implying that only democratic institutions are valuable fails to take into consideration the unique political, economic, and social histories of each region. While the U.S. may hope to see advances in human development in both regions, issues like Israel continue to thwart relations between the U.S. and Arab states. Such issues must first be resolved before Arab states are willing to negotiate with the Western world to help improve human development by adopting Western institutions and practices. Governance, Knowledge and Women's Empowerment

The lack of women's empowerment in both Latin America and the Arab states region is overwhelming. From high maternal mortality rates, economic gender gaps, and lack of access to educational, employment and political opportunities, women in both regions continue to lack empowerment. In both regions so...

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