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High Fertility Rates

5 to 4.4 in the course of the same timeframe (Sieff, 1998). Global development is mainly responsible for the steep declines in fertility rates in Third World countries.

Global development has been responsible for increases in literacy and education regarding birth control measures. Some countries like China have mandated birth control policies that limit the number of children a woman may bear. Crossette (1998) maintains that only one out of four children in the world's poorest countries is education and over fifty percent of girls in those countries are denied access to education. Crossette (1998) maintains that as literacy rates rise and fertility drops and as more women become educated they resort to methods of birth control. From many Third World countries the U.S. consumers benefit because of inexpensive sources of labor provided by the uneducated and poverty stricken. U.S. consumers enjoy a growth economy and cheaper consumer goods because of such foreign manufacturing. However, in Third World countries corrupt governments and horrific labor conditions witness little real improvement in the quality of daily life for inhabitants. Slavery runs rampant around the globe in Third World countries. Bonded children still are employed in India and Pakistan. In Thailand prostitution is thriving and in Lesotho indentured servitude is the norm for children. In the Sudan, Rosenthal (1999) argues that brutality and slavery are worse on slaves than during the period of U.S. slavery, 'Sudan is an especially blatant case, in which raiders from the Muslim north send raiding parties south to seize people who are later sold for $50 a piece. They are worked hard, fed less and beaten more than were slaves in the American South' (A1).

The consumers meanwhile in Third World countries continue to suffer from corrupt government, debt crises, population problems, strained resources, polluted cities and economic crises. The quality of daily ...

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