The Aftermath of the Persian Gulf War
Butler (2000) blames the current scenario in the Persian Gulf on SaddamĂs pattern of ˘cheat, retreat, and cheat again÷ with respect to disarmament. Further, he maintains that the actions of China, France and Russia on security resolution 1134 emboldened SaddamĂs confidence that he would not face further sanctions in the face of willful noncompliance with disarmament. Butler (2000) calls such nationĂs actions a ˘shocking change of heart÷ and feels it led to ineffectual efforts by the United Nations Security Council to force compliance on Hussein. Even though Security Council members maintained a unanimous voice against IraqĂs proposal to eject United States members of the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM), Butler feels that it was too little, too late. The United Nations failed in its efforts because it allowed Hussein to carry out a clandestine build up of weapons of mass destruction. Butler (2000) maintains in a warning that represents prognostication, ˘The failure of the task of disarming Saddam and the politics on which it has rested...constitutes a serious crisis in global security÷ (Introduction).

The GeneralsĂ War makes a case that the ending of the first Gulf War is most responsible for the current crisis in the Persian Gulf. Gordon (1996) entitles his first chapter ˘War

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