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Still, there was a combination of hardboiled, even psychotic behavior overlaid with a certain veneer that made this a rather typical film of its time, as produced by Warner Brothers.

Warner Brothers, in the 1940s, had a major film star- Joan Crawford- who specialized in portraying two types of women- those victimized by poor choices in lovers and/or husbands, and in manipulative strong women who beat down the men and women in her life to achieve her own sense of respectability and fame and fortune. One very popular film, starring Crawford and John Garfield was Humoresque, which "was followed in 1947 by Possessed, an overwrought but fascinating melodrama directed by Curtis Bernhardt" (Sennett 144). It is far more a melodrama, ending with the Crawford character, Louise, totally gone mad. "In this film Crawford plays Louise Howell , a schizophrenic woman, nurse by profession, who is obsessively in love with a scoundrel she eventually murders" (Sennett 144).

While we see some major actresses, Lauren Bacall in particular, star in film noir melodramas, Possessed would te


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