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The Most Controversial Issue in Scientific Research

C. Carefully monitored, therapeutic cloning that does

not destroy embryos capable of later life can provide

valuable information leading to scientific and medical

breakthroughs that are beneficial to humanity.

IV. Arguments in Favor of Keeping Cloning Legal

A. Providing a legal framework for cloning research

has the potential to eliminate or prevent ethical

B. A legal framework for cloning will ensure that all

views are represented and that the benefits of cloning

are shared among the widest possible group.

1. A failure to oversee cloning will not

prevent research from being conducted.

2. A ban on cloning will put some groups at a

disadvantage and deny them the medical benefits

C. Properly handled, human cloning research can

provide self-compatible cells or tissues for medical

V. Mechanisms for Overseeing Cloning

A. President Bush has proposed that the federal

government should regulate research on human cloning

and that only the 60 existing stem cell lines should

B. The University of Wisconsin Medical School "owns"

a patent on the process for turning human embryonic

stem cells into blood and other cells. This patent

should not prevent other research institutions from

C. Establishing an international organization similar

to the Human Genome Project is needed to ensure that

stem cell and other human cloning techniques will

be available to a broad body of legitimate scientific

D. Governments must obtain input from the public,

religious leaders, scientists, and doctors to

establish a normative framework for the use of human

cloning and related scientific knowledge.

A. Human cloning research has demonstrated the po


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