The Responsibilities of Human Resource Personnel
This analysis will cover the conventional and modern theories of human resource management and explore three main responsibilities of human resources managers: employee development and training; job design; performance evaluations. Two new models of how human resource management relates two overall corporate strategy will also be reviewed. A conclusion will touch upon some of the biggest challenges facing human resource management based on this analysis.

One of the biggest changes in human resource management is the transition in assumptions made regarding human resources. The conventional Theory X assumes most people basically disdain work. It also assumes that workers are less concerned about what they do than how much they are paid for doing it. It also assumes that workers are unable to handle and do not desire employment that encompasses creativity, self-direction or ownership. Theory Y, in complete contrast, assumes people like work and wish to employ themselves in goals that have meaning. It also views personnel as having untapped reservoirs of creativity, self-direction and ability for ownership that their present positions fail to exploit. Policies also differ between the conventional Theory X and the modern Theory Y, policies which will shape human resource management into the 21st Century. The table below summarizes the differences in policies between Theory

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