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The Responsibilities of Human Resource Personnel

Typically, the following steps are encompassed in a training and development program: “identification of training needs; clarification of training objectives; planning training division; implementation; evaluation of results; analysis and feedback” (Molander et al. 80).

The rapid pace of business in the modern world and the need for flexibility and adaptability have given employee training and development an even more important role in overall corporate and human resource management strategy. Because of this, continuous learning and development among employees is one of the surest ways of building a workforce that is empowered and self-directed. As technology rapidly changes and dramatically alters the corporate environment and a host of other changes, employees need to evolve as well. Employee turnover is costly to the organization and morale. Thus, it is critical that human resource managers can continue to tap the unused potential and resources of employees already working for the company. The overall goal of employee training and development is to create employees whose skills are in alignment with the requirements of the organization and position, “Training is a systematic process to foster the acquisition of skills, rules, concepts, or attitudes that result in an improved match between employee characteristics and employment requirements” (Milkovich et al. 490).

Training and development costs can be enormous, therefore training needs to be more than for its own sake. It is only one element of the development process to enrich and build the characteristics of employees. The most successful companies of the future will have human resource managers who understand the importance of integrating training and development with other human resource actions, like staffing, reward systems and job design (discussed next). Conventionally, training was viewed as an activity characterized by little business need, litt...

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