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Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser

He notes that even as American agricultural productivity increases, agricultural employment decreases (2002, p. 119). For example, he quotes Bert Moulton of the Potato Growers of Idaho who warns that "[i]f potato farmers don't band together, they'll wind up sharecroppers" (Schlosser, 2002, p. 119). This is essentially what has already happened to "chicken growers" for the large chicken processing companies. The processing companies provide the chickens, which the growers raise and then return to the companies. The growers depend directly upon the companies for their livelihoods and thus have very little power of the system or their income. They exist at the mercy of the companies' desires (Schlosser, 2002, p. 140-141).

But he also notes the careful and deliberate marketing strategies of entrepreneurs such as Walt Disney and Ray Kroc to market not just their products but the cultural value of their products, particularly to children (Schlosser, 2002, pp. 31-42). For example, Schlosser notes McDonald's development of product tie-in toys and children's playgrounds. He concludes that this "synergy" between the fast food conglomerates and popular culture has resulted in the America's food culture becoming indistinguishable from its popular culture (2002, p. 48). In particular, he notes the 10-year global marketing agreement signed between Walt Disney Company and McDonald's in 1996 (Schlosser, 2002, p. 49).

Schlosser also notes the fast food conglomerates' marketing agreements with schools, which allow schools to generate income while enabling the fast food companies to advertise to children. But Schlosser notes that such advertisements may not be in the best health interests of the children. For example, increased soda consumption can lead to calc


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