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Effects On Displacing Low-Skilled American Labor

However, he also confirms that until the economic discrepancy changes between the U.S. and Mexico, the problem will continue to increase because employers routinely hire illegal immigrants and immigrants are too enticed by American prosperity to allow their immigration “status” to control their actions, “Per capita annual earnings in Mexico are approximately $1,900, compared to nearly ten times that level in the U.S. Since 1986, the exchange rate for Mexican pesos has shifted from 637 pesos to the dollar to more than 2,880.” Adding to the problem, many illegal immigrants come here to earn American dollars that are of great value in Mexico. It is often used to permit relatives left behind to make their own illegal entry into the perceived land of “milk and honey.”

There are further problems with enforcing immigration laws. The two biggest obstacles are size and budget. The U.S.-Mexico border is an enormous stretch of land that is impossible to properly staff with enough border patrol agents to prevent immigrants from illegally crossing the border at numerous remote locations. However, because of violent vigilante type actions along the border, the INS has been increasing its budget with respect to border patrol agents. This has been effective in areas like San Diego which used to have a high arrest rate but is now experiencing a 17-year low in apprehensions. However, Operation Rio Grande has been put in place to help patrol vast stretches of the U.S.-Mexican border that are not under control. The program involves adding 1,000 border patrol agents to help police these areas as well as initiating a method by which the INS can determine where budget dollars are being used and if they are being used effectively, “The INS, with a 1998 budget of $3.8 billion, 19.5 percent up on 1997, gave no detailed evidence for its successes. Without such an evaluation the Attorney General and Congress will have no way of knowin...

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