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Illegal Immigration

According to one study, in New York, “Some of the 86 factory operators who unlucky enough to have been raided in a city with more than 6,000 garment factories do in fact just hire more illegal workers. This enables businesses to compete with foreign companies that often pay less than 50 cents an hour.” There have been many attempts to enact legislation to help control this problem, but many of these are ineffectual, or as in the above case, employers routinely continue to hire cheap sources of illegal labor despite the imposition of fines for having previously done so. One study conducted at Rice University and reported in Cacas (1994) contends that “2.07 million American workers were displaced in 1992 by immigrants.”

The percentage of undocumented or illegal workers compared to legal workers is quite high according to the literature. In another study conducted by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), researchers investigated the meatpacking industry, one in which many illegal immigrants find employment. The study found that “a test project involving 234 employers in Santa Ana and the City of Industry, California, found 3,000 illegal immigrants among 11,400 workers checked.” This study found that most employers want to hire lawful workers, but it is often hard for them to distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants. All


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