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The War Against America

Butler (2000) claims that any of there declarations 'remained implausible, almost useless' primarily because of efforts to continue to conceal weapons of mass destruction. Butler was basically fighting Iraq at the same time he had to fight the United Nations because of its lax policies in effectively dealing with Saddam's continued noncompliance. Further, Iraq continued to paint the UNSCOM as a spy and an enemy whose motives made its every action suspect and unreliable. In other words, it was readily apparent that Iraq not only lied but painted others as liars who told the truth. Unfortunately this worked for a decade and served to worsen the crisis in the Persian Gulf.

The Greatest Threat (Chapters 13, 14)

The Son of UNSCOM, chapter thirteen, reveals the eventual removal of Butler from UNSCOM because of continued resistance on behalf of Russia, France, and China. Russia and France to this day have fought United States efforts to disarm Hussein. Hussein had so effectively won support from such nations that when Butler left UNSCOM it seemed to many as if he were the reason Iraq had not totally disarmed, a ludicrous notion. Butler spends the rest of this chapter reiterating the greatest threat, a threat that at the time of his writing this book had no direct supervision, the threat of weapons of mass destruction in the hands of a madman like Saddam Hussein.

The final chapter, The Principle of the Exception, underscores the complex and difficult concept of nuclear weapons and coming to an international agreement with respect to reactions to their buildup and use. In so doing Butler reveals the basic history of how members of the United Nations were elected permanent members to help resolve such complexities. However, as much as Butler argues we need an agreed upon system for resolving conflicts and controlling those who would use force to violate the rights of others, we are still along way from international agreement on ...

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