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State Sponsored Persian Gulf Conflict

The Greatest Threat (Chapters 9, 10)

Chapter nine, The Road Map to Nowhere, shows the pattern of deceit, weapons buildup, and contempt for United Nations resolutions exhibited by Saddam Hussein in the years after the first Gulf War. As Butler, former UNSCOM head, argues, the United Nations undermined UNSCOM efforts by accepting the absurd demands of Saddam Hussein while claiming he was in check. Butler argues nothing was further from the truth as every time Saddam got the opportunity he made more demands on the United Nations, such as the right to maintain palaces that were exempt from inspections. We see in contemporary times how faulty this logic was in a complete vindication of ButlerĂs views in this chapter.

In chapter ten, The Five-Dollar Bet, we see more of IraqĂs pattern of deception and weapons buildup. Butler (2000) claims that any of there declarations ˘remained implausible, almost useless÷ primarily because of efforts to continue to conceal weapons of mass destruction. Butler was basically fighting Iraq at the same time he had to fight the United Nations because of its lax policies in effectively dealing with SaddamĂs continued noncompliance. Further, Iraq continued to paint the UNSCOM as a spy and an enemy whose motives made its every action suspect and unreliable. In other words, it was readily apparent that Iraq n


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