Strategies of Marketing Coffee in Eastern Europe
53). The divorce may not be so smooth, however, once the parties get down to dividing the country's assets. Further, strong ethnic minorities will exist in each of the two new statesGermans in the Czech area and Hungarians in the Slovak area. In Poland, Hungary, and most of the other Eastern European countries, the economies are in much worse shape than they were under the former Communist system.

Meanwhile, in prosperous Western Europe, the EC suddenly finds its promising future compromised. The Danes rejected the Maastricht Treaty in a referendum (The Economist, 1992d, p. 52), and that French approved the treaty by only a slim margin. Many nations, such as Sweden, Finland, and Switzerland, that have indicated a desire to join the EC (and whom the EC would welcome as members) are now becoming somewhat nervous about the future of the community.

Not all Eastern European countries will gain the coveted EC membership. Most of the nation states of Eastern Europe became Soviet satellites following the end of the Second World War. Thus, subsequent to 1945, most of these countries also functioned largely under a Marxist political and economic system. There were some temporary interruptions in Marxist economic control. Hungary attempted to overthrow its Marxist government in 1956, only to see its efforts crushed by the Soviet army. In the 1970s, however, Hungary was able to implement and retain s

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