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The Treaty of Locarno

Meanwhile, France pressed Great Britain (and Belgium) to enter into a military alliance with her to replace the joint 1919 Anglo-American guarantee of France's eastern border with Germany which had lapsed when the American Senate rejected the Versailles Treaty. The second government of Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin was divided over the French request, largely because of a growing sentiment in Britain and its Dominions against entangling commitments on the Continent coupled with domestic British economic and social preoccupations. According to Turner, British Ambassador Lord D'Albernon in Berlin, suggested to the new German Foreign Minister Gustav Stresemann the idea of mutual security guarantees in late 1924 as a means of avoiding a binding British alliance with France alone (212).

Stresemann embraced D'Albernon's suggestion. According to Korbel, "the Dawes Plan [a 1924 American loan to Germany which would help refinance German reparations and Allied debt payments to America] laid down new, more realistic, foundations for German reparations obligations, and opened a new era in German internal and external affairs . . . and Germany's re-entrance into world affairs" (100). A mutual security guarantee of Germany's western borders might allay French fears without reviving militarily the Entente. Stersemann's proposals for a mutual security pact which he sent to Britain in January 1925 and to Paris in early February contemplated security guarantees only in Western but not Eastern Europe.

With respect to Poland, Stresemann was a fervent nationalist but also a moderate. According to Jacobson, "Stresemann . . . expected much of the territory lost by Germany in Eastern Europe would be regained" (374). Korbel said "although he struggled incessantly for the revision of her [Germany's] eastern boundaries, he was at least reconciled to her [Poland's] existence" (144). As a centrist politician, he had, however, to take into account irredentis...

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