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War on Drugs Legalization

F16). In 1999, a judge sentenced Weiland to nearly a year in jail because he violated his probation a third timeĆ¹and after he had participated in yet another treatment program.

Weiland, though, has been lucky compared to some. Many famous rockers have died from drug overdoses, including legends such as Jimmy Hendrix, Charlie Parker, Janis Joplin, Keith Moon, and Jim Morrison. Though not as famous, the death of Jonathan Melvoin also created a stir. Melvoin, a keyboardist for the band Smashing Pumpkins, died from an overdose in 1996. New York police said Melvoin had used "red rum," a more potent version of heroin that is supposed to give off a greater high. The police also reported that after Melvoin's death, red rum became even more sought after among New York's drug addicts (Crowe, p. F1).

Heroin use extends beyond the rich and famous to the merely rich, to the middle class, and to the poor. Heroin hot spots popped up around the country, from Eugene, Oregon to Parsippany, New Jersey to Tampa, Florida. Several magazine articles and a documentary chronicled a rash of heroin overdoes among young people in the well-to-do Texas community of Plano. During a three-year period (1996-98), 18 young residents of Plano died of heroin overdoses. In 1997 alone, emergency room doctors in the city treated 75 to 100 young people for heroin overdoses.

Many denied taking heroin, claiming they had used a much less potent drug called chiva. They would soon learn that chiva is the Mexican word for heroin, in this case 35 percent pure and mixed with an antihistamine. Even those who knew what they were taking did not understand the consequences of mixing heroin with alcohol. Hence the epidemic of overdoes. Even as the body count increased, the young people kept using. "Kids would sometimes attend a friend's funeral, and after sobbing at a graveside, immediately go out and score" (Gray, 1999, p. 32-36).

Such stories provide fuel for bot...

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