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When the War Begun

War is a perfect time for the central authority of a state to show its people it can protect their interests. It also changes the very structure of society and has even proven to give marginalized peoples an opportunity for sociopolitical power when the war is over. This is often because, as state demands increase (in terms of needed resources and numbers of bodies), they are forced to select those who are traditionally excluded from the upper spheres of society. As Porter explains (xvi) “The basis of democratization is everywhere purely military in character…Military discipline meant the triumph of democracy because the community wished and was compelled to secure the cooperation of the non-aristocratic masses and hence put arms, and along with arms political power, into their hands.” This theory contrasts with Marx, who argued that it is class distinctions which are the catalyst for change, but typically not in a democratic society when it comes to war. Most of America’s significant civil rights legislation emerged as the aftermath of war, after America needed the help of its women, blacks, and other minorities, all for the good of the state.

If we take a look at war systematically, we see that war is hierarchical in nature. If we briefly look at World War II, we can see the systematic elements of war. When other means fail to achieve U.S. policy, i.e. what the state deems is required for the state, warfare becomes necessary. This was the case in WWII. War strategy was a three-tiered hierarchy during WWII, one that included a National Security Strategy at the top, a National Military Strategy in the center, and Theater Strategy on the bottom at the front lines. National Security Strategy is the “art and science of developing, applying and coordinating the instruments of national power to achieve objectives that contribute to national security” (Yarger 4). This level of strategy is often referred to as the g...

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