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Analysis of 7 Films by Alfred Hitchcock

The few day shots that do show up are either gloomy or instances of betrayal, when Hannay believes he has finally found someone who can help him only to be deceived. For example, when Hannay is betrayed at Professor Jordan's house, whom he believes can prove his innocence, only to find out that Jordan is one of the spies. Then, he gets shot by Jordan and goes to the sheriff, only to be arrested yet again. In this movie, daylight seems to be equated with betrayal.

Hitchcock also seems to be having some fun and the humor remains light-hearted throughout. Hannay is portrayed as a fairly cheerful individual who likes a good laugh. For instance, when Annabella Smith is trying to convince Hannay of her story he remarks jokingly, "It sounds like a spy story". She replies, more seriously, "That's exactly what it is". Later, Professor Jordan jokes, "I'm afraid I've been guilty of leading you down the garden path - or should it be up - I never can remember". Hannay, in his understated way, observes that he has definitely wandered into the wrong garden. There are also several scenes between Hannay and Pamela when they are handcuffed together, such as when she is trying to remove her stockings, that make light of this dark spy story. Two of best lines out of the story come out of the handcuff episode:

Hannay (to Pamela): "There are 20 million women on this

island and I've got to be chained to you".


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