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7 Films by Alfred Hitchcock

A voice, Devlin, addresses Huberman from off camera, almost in a documentary type of way. As Devlin walks into the room and around to the side of the bed, the audience again sees the picture from Huberman's point of view as the camera is twisted around 360 degrees. Finally, towards the end of the film as the poison infiltrates Huberman's system (much as she has infiltrated Sebastian's life) the camera again lets the audience see what she is seeing. Sebastian and his mother dim and fade, growing slowly into one large threatening shape that whispers in the shadows.

Hitchcock continues to do this, showing the audience one picture while allowing them to listen to dialogue outside of the picture. In fact, there are many instances when there is no dialogue at all and he allows the picture to speak for itself. For example, during a dinner party at Sebastian's house, one of the Nazi agents makes a scene about a bottle of wine. Nothing is said at the time, just looks passed around the table. Another outstanding instance of this is when Sebastian informs his mother that he has found out that he has married an American agent. Mother Sebastian says nothing, but one handedly gets out a cigarette as she ponders the situation. This is just one part of the collage that adds to the surrealness of the story, in sunny Rio de Janeiro, where certain former German military elite have gathered to recreate their ultra-civilized society and scheme to get back into the "game".

Hitchcock, A. (1946). Notorious. ABC Pictures International, A division of the American Broadcasting Company, Inc. VHS: Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Based on a true story, Wrong Man (1956), is not just another of Hitchcock's mistaken identity stories. In this thoughtful, detailed account of a man being arrested and tried for a crime he did not commit, Hitchcock uses the camera to demonstrate the relationship between truth and accusation.

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